New Soundtrack album release.

From the feature film, Thank You For the Rain.  Here's the accompanying soundtrack album.

New films for Facebook

Facebook are releasing a series of films they recently commissioned me to compose the scores for. Here is the first one.

White Plastic Sky - new feature announced

Variety has written about the new feature length animation White Plastic Sky, my new collaboration with directors Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó.   


Now in pre-production, “White Plastic Sky” takes place in Budapest in 2220. The soil of the earth hasn’t been fertile for 100 years, causing the extinction of wild life. In Budapest, the survivors are sheltered in a large bubble that protects them from the ultraviolet light and pollution. The future of humanity relies on a mysterious plant created from genetic experiments that people must absorb by the age of 50, leading them to transform themselves into plants. The story is told through the lives of a young couple, Stefan and Nora, who are grieving the loss of their son.

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Sue Perkins and the Chimp SANCTUARY

I recently scored this hour-long film for the BBC.  It introduces a group of newly-retired female chimpanzees to a US national chimpanzee sanctuary after making the 800-mile journey from a New Mexico laboratory to rural Louisiana. After a lifetime used in medical research, they will now live out their days in beautiful forested surroundings.  Sue Perkins guides us through their journey. You can watch this on New Years Day at 9pm, BBC2.