Doratea - a new track.

Happy to say I've released a new track with the same line-up as the previous cover of Lifetimes by Van Morrison.  This time, an original composition called Doratea.

Alistair White - Trombone; Rachael Lander - Cello; Alex Hutton - Piano; Nick Kacal - Bass; Jody Linscott - Percussion; Dave Shulman - Bass Clarinet; Greg Heath - Flute; Christopher White - Saxophones

Engineered by Austin Jux-Chandler at Dean Street Studios
Mixed by Aaron Nevezie
Master by James McMillan

Being a High Flying Bird.

I'm playing some shows with Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds at the moment.  You can catch a bit of last night on the Jools Holland show here.

Studio output

Experimenting with studio equipment is a must.  It's an ideal way of finding your voice on an instrument and to increase your sonic palette. Every now and then this experimentation turns into a new composition and I've found youtube to be an ideal outlet for them.  Here's a new one.

Emancipating Dissonance

Today, in 1945, Anton Webern was shot dead by a USA army cook.  Webern was enjoying a cigar outside so as to not disturb his sleeping grandchildren.  He was a composer who's work was concise, efficient and embracing of dissonance.  An aesthetic completely significant to modern filmmusic composition.

Filmmaking in the name of Ecology

The Green Eye Film Festival in Šibenik proved to be an incredible and inspiring experience.  A celebration of films aiming to enlighten viewers and empower those trying to change the world for the better.  I was incredibly proud and honoured to attend presenting our film Thank You For The Rain, and to be able to talk about the film with the audience. Also an honour to share the stage with both Before the Flood and Racing Extinction.

Educating Greater Manchester

Tonight on Chanel Four at 9pm, Episode 1 goes out in the UK.  I had the pleasure of being brought back onboard Educating... after scoring Educating Yorkshire, and now Educating Greater Manchester.  


Behind the scenes recording Lifetimes.

I've just released a recording of my arrangement of the Van Morrison tune Lifetimes.  It's available to listen to here.  Also, see below for a quick look at the recording process.